Here is a small sample of what our clients are saying about Ted Piccolo and Image Communications.

"I believe that Ted understands small business and knows what it takes to succeed. But I want to caution you, don't hire Ted for a job unless you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Ted doesn't do anything half way."
Michael Fitz, President
Star Oilco

"I just received the final brochures for the 4,000 from the 4 directions and the tanf manual.

They both look fantastic! I can't wait to hear the response from the folks on our mailing list.

Thanks again for the great work!"

Jillene Joseph (Gros Ventre), Executive Director
Native Wellness Institute

"I would highly recommend Ted!"
Alan Peters, Owner
Portland Conference Center

"For almost an entire decade I have watched Ted wage some of the most grueling media campaigns I have ever seen. Using every avenue available and squeezing every dime out of a budget. His effectiveness has been phenomenal. Whether it is using direct mail, broadcast media or earned news media when these guys ratchet up the intensity I certainly would not bet against them."

Andrew Burnett, General Manager
Good Impressions

"In public relations and in campaigns of every kind, you want to work with someone smart, yet grounded, someone willing to roll up his sleeves and 100 percent committed to victory. That's Ted Piccolo. I know that from several very pleasant experiences working with Ted. Your campaign is his campaign and that makes all the difference."

Paul Jacob, President
Citizens in Charge
Woodbridge, VA

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