Name: Ted Piccolo
Primary Role: Proprietor/Cat Herder
Secondary Role: Everything

While Ted is the proprietor of this fantastic agency, it is not necessarily because he is the most talented of the lot. He just happens to run a little faster "most of the time."

Ted is an enrolled member of the Colville Confederated Tribes. He is in love with the natural beauty of Washington's eastside and takes much inspiration from the region in which he lives. Big region means big inspiration. Big inspiration means happy customers. Happy customers means peace on earth goodwill toward men.

Name: Michelle Shining Elk (The Urban Indian)
Primary Role: PR/Publicist Extraordinaire
Secondary Role: Marketing Plan Consultant

Michelle is a premier Publicist and Public Relations professional. She has maintained clients from all over the United States and can generate earned media for you on a national scale.

Michelle is also an enrolled member of the Colville Confederated Tribes and thus we have been tempted to give her various Indian names. Most of which have to do with her tenacity and the seemingly magical way she has with members of the media. Some may call that magic simply brow beating them into submission, but if you the customer are reaping the results then so be it eh?.… Yet those names are not necessarily suitable for a woman of her fine caliber. However something tells us that Michelle could handle herself under any name, label or situation - which is what makes her addition to this team so fantastic. To find out more about Michelle's experience and capabilities, click here.


Name: The Secret Weapon
(If we told you his real name we'd have to kill you...)
Primary Role: Chief Creative, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing Guru
Secondary Role: Fighting the ultimate of all evils - Bad Design and Advertising

Ok - so we don't dare share the name or face of The Secret Weapon. We try to keep him busy in our Secret Headquarters for Advertising and Creative Knowledge - better known as the S.H.A.C.K.

However - suffice it to say that when he (or is he really a he?) is not helping IC generate tons of revenue for our clients he is masquerading as a costumed do-gooder, protecting women and children and of course, the American Way! (He takes a stab at truth and justice once in a while but we force him to save time for us and our clients.)

The Secret Weapon has been classically trained at the best art schools in the Pacific Northwest. Chances are, that if you have heard or seen a print or broadcast advertisement and chuckled, then probably somewhere in the life of that ad campaign, are The Secret Weapon's fingerprints.

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