The "Chicken Killin' Dog"

The first time we heard that phrase it was from a client in reference to our tenacity when we were turned loose on a project. "Interesting"... we thought. Actually the more we thought about it, the more we liked it. So while we hope you never have need for a literal "Chicken Killin' " dog, we sure know where you can get a company that acts like one on your behalf.

The professionals at Image Communications (IC) have experience in large nationwide campaigns as well as small city wide endeavors. Whether it is an entire team of professionals sweeping in to assist you and your company with a "full court press," or simply some periodic consultation, IC can build a plan to fit your needs.

Don't believe the old wives tale "all press is good press." We don't need to go into details to explain why certain company actions or personal issues really are not "good press." Also remember that a solid PR campaign will bring legitimacy to your paid media efforts. In that sense it will only pay to have the same company working for you on both fronts.

That company is Image Communications.

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