Since we deal with literally THOUSANDS of items, we decided to just give you some ideas as to the most popular promotional items out there. Please contact Image Communications for help in finding that perfect item for you and your customers.

Our most popular pen. A classic Bic Pen is the largest selling retractable pen on the continent! Chose from 13 barrel colors and 12 trim colors – 156 different combinations.
This marbalized mug is not only sophisticated, but also inexpensive. Clean look and huge C handle make this a company favorite. This mug is economical enough that it is also smart.
Ahhh… Our favorite for getting your name out there to your customers. This item is heavily used. It is virtually indestructible, and it has a very large image area. We recommend this drinkware item above all else.

Look at these nifty items for golfers! From custom imprinted golf balls, to picks, to tee sets, umbrellas, and more - we can provide it all!

PLUS - Image Communications offers a full line of custom embroidered or screen-printed tshirts, polo shirts, ball caps - and other apparel. Call today for a quote!

We even offer great - and practical - custom logo'd backpacks!

The samples pictured are just a small portion of the selection
of items available!

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