Knowing our clients
Our Approach revolves around understanding the needs of both the client and the audience. We will get to know your business: who you are, what you sell and how you operate- in order to provide an ad campaign that is suited to all aspects of your business. We can help translate your business needs into a unique and professional message. Your design likes and dislikes will be carefully weighed from the start. Your involvement will be key, every step of the way.

Knowing our client's audience
Our professionals know people. They know how an audience will respond. If your product, service or situation is unique then we will spend a great deal of time learning the needs of your audience. We will make clear exactly what you are selling and make sure your message leaves a great, lasting impression.

Delivering things our competitors can't (or won't)
There are four distinct advantages to having all of your advertising needs produced by Image Communications:

  • Consistent Image Management
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Affordability
  • The little things

Consistent Image Management
Logos, fonts and colors need to be treated as icons that represent your unique identity in the marketplace. They are far too important to be treated indifferently by a media supplier. Image Management insures the repetition of good impressions, and eliminates confusion about your true identity.

Faster Turnaround and Affordability
We accomplish this by creating your core components for web, print, and broadcast media and message all at once. Then it is retained in house to be utilized across all mediums. This reduces total production costs by eliminating duplication of effort and by speeding up the design process.

Not to mention our standard rate is actually what has historically been just that, the "Standard." We know all too well how many agencies in the last decade have begun to push historical "standards" (such as the old 15% media fee) to all time highs. With Image Communications (IC) it truly is like the good old days, when standard was just that, standard. Call us and find out how we can effectively and affordably work for you.

The Little Things
Finally there are the "Little Things." Those things that most agencies seem just too big to get involved with. You know what they are. It is getting to know the small publications in your area and getting some mentions in the paper. It is helping you write and produce a very personal direct mail campaign. It is getting up at 4 am on a Saturday morning to concentrate on the customer. Most agencies these days are only worried about handling your media and art production. Oh they all have the flash and pizzazz, but do they do the "little things?"

Image Communications does. In fact at IC we pride ourselves on it and we believe that will make the difference between a flashy campaign and a flashy EFFECTIVE campaign. Not to mention a long term relationship with our customer. After all, waking up at 4 am on a Saturday with you will get kinda personal, and we like it that way.

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